The Alliance of Independent Reiki Practitioners

The Alliance of Independent Reiki Practitioners is an organization primarily in support of students who have completed Usui Reiki Ryoho classes and attunements with David Clark and / or through our WEB site, We also include a small number of appropriately trained and attuned guest members. These guest members have trained with other associations such as ICRT, the Reiki Alliance, the Reiki Network and others.

Although our members may live outside of the United States, The Alliance of Independent Reiki Practitioners exists and operates only within the borders of the United States. Membership is automatic for our students, and the membership it's self is free. Membership begins on completion of any of our Reiki classes with attunement. Guest membership is granted based on prior training with the above mentioned groups, and a brief interview. We do not require you to keep any personal information with us except your full name, which we collect as our classes begin. Your name is gathered so we can add it to your certificate(s) and it is kept so we can provide replacement Reiki certificates to you if needed. Having your name also allows us to place you properly on the Reiki Lineage tree.

We will keep records of classes completed and attunements given as a matter of courtesy to our members for as long as this organization exists unless you speciffically ask us to remove your records. With that said, it should be understood that your records, certificates, etc. are also your responsibility to store in safekeeping. Beyond what is stated above, these records are not for sale, and are not available from us for public sharing unless and until we are legally required and ordered to do so.

Class graduates can request copies of class materials that they were provided, for as long as the materials exist in our files. If you have completed one or more of our classes, or are a guest member, and wish to contact us about certificates or related materials for classes that you have completed, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Note that this WEB site does not collect or retain any record of your visit. The email link above redirects to your email client, and while it does autofill our email address, it collects no data from you.

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